Whose Transfiguration is it, anyway?

Thus far, certainly not the Lenten journey I had anticipated, but an enticing one, nonetheless.  I have found myself slavishly working, real  compulsive workaholism, punishing myself — perhaps for having things — by working at things I care about not one wit.   Self destructive to the max.  And so I will pray to be delivered from this, to cease to think that I must be doing, doing, doing to be worthwhile, and to turn my attention to those things I sense are in fact worthwhile, and to make time to become refreshed.    And this seems to be the Lenten transfiguration that I did not expect, but that I am graced to receive.

I find the picture below to be quite refreshing.  It reminds me of a step-waterfall not far from here that I used to walk by each morning on the way to yoga.    An image to keep in mind as I pray.




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