Table Manners

Imagine if today a friend jumped up in the middle of supper and insisted on washing your feet.  You would wish your friend would return to rummaging through the media and texts that have so handily eclipsed table dialogue.  You might be, for once, grateful for the distraction that the immediacy of technology demands.  And you would likely not want to reciprocate.  Perhaps you, too, would turn to the phone, mirroring the isolation of endless parallel play.

The call to extend absolution may be paramount, but if Jesus was correct — as He tended to be — this cannot occur without connection.   More than a text or a Tweet may be required.  Something to consider while clicking the days away.

The moon on Holy Thursday was, in the recently popular expression, “amazeballs,” and has been captured here by an aspiring professional, with permission.


2016 worm moon border


2016 blossoms moon border




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