For This I Died and Came Back to Life?

Yes, for this.  For the silly, for the thoughtless, for, most especially, the helpless.  Today, having read and reflected on John 10:11-16, having brought to mind the unceasing acts of corporate cruelty to which all and sundry seem to be subjected, I felt, as I do not always allow myself to feel, a true and abiding love of Jesus, the Christ, the Redeemer, but most of all, the good shepherd.   The hired hands: that is, the boards of directors, the elected officials, the abundant yet effluent hierarchies everywhere, care not for their sheep and will flee on a moment’s notice, saving themselves while sacrificing others.  A story known too well, told too often, felt to the bone, such that life is sapped of its sacredness and supplanted with scariness.

Yet He knows his and they know his voice.  And there will be others.

And with that in mind, today seemed to call for, not majestic scenes, but rather a bit of something to bring a smile.




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