Night Shines as the Day

Darkness is not dark for you,

and night shines as the day.

Darkness and light are but one.

This 12th verse of Psalm 139 is a favorite.  As I think on it, it is likely that the lion’s share of conceptions I carry about God are nestled in a handful of psalms and passages in the New Testament.   This image in particular, this call to the immutable eternal, of God’s omnipotence over all, including day and night, spoke to me this week as the volume of discord seemed ever to be amplifying.  I felt encouraged to pull the plug on the enticement of events and positions and busy-ness.

As a result, did I have a magnificent spiritual encounter?  Well.  I skipped services, fearing that my soul would be in danger of perdition were I subjected to one more hapless happy homily, and I skipped all but the most minimal chores, and I did a few odds and ends, and I watched old and new movies.

I had an odd sense that I would encounter a neighbor and but an hour later, there she was. A great chat was had.

Did I have a magnificent spiritual encounter?

I am inclined to say yes.



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