Resurrection is unexpected life, the boundless joy of another moment to spend in being, with others, in memory or in daydream.  Heschel observes in The Sabbath that time is eternity in disguise, and so it is, forever eluding us, gone as quickly as it appears, yet immutable in memory just as it is malleable in fantasy.

There are so many ways we might capture that unexpected life in everyday ways. Perhaps it is the stranger’s smile.  Perhaps an inquisitive wag and sniff from a canine passerby.  Perhaps someone offers a seat and strikes up a conversation.  There are 86,400 seconds in a day.  The Resurrection calls us to put them to good use.

Today evoked not just joy, but also the sadness of life, of love distorted.  Yet within acknowledgment of loss came a kindling, a desire to no longer withhold love as if in punishment, a resurrection in its own right.

Today held no expectations, for afflictions had had their grip for months. Yet the stone has been rolled back, the burial clothes cast off.


2017 easter sunday



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