The Whole Soil Trope: Well, Whadja Expect?

Is there any passage in scripture more pedestrian than this?  Less exhilirating?  Could Jesus not have done better?  I mean, really.  We get it.  Good seed + good soil = good soul.


Or is it?

There are a million ways to spin out this metaphor, and that may be why it has persisted in spite of its clear hokey quality.

Weeds! That is what came up for me yesterday.  I have been alerted to the idea of avoiding submission to crankiness, to that bent of mind and soul that wants to lament, that gussies it up as “ventilation,” that can turn every splendid blue sky grey.

I do not want to be cranky, whether on my own or with others.

The greatest fertile ground for crankiness, I observe, are My Problems.  These are bigger and better and more important and more intractible than anyone else’s, and they allow me to retreat to a self-centered cocoon.

Time to stop this.  But how?

Perhaps it is time to go hokey by another route.  How about gratitude?  I choke slightly and I want to resist.

But it is time for the list.  The gratitude list.



This very minute.

I must note that I have no capacity to read what is said here.  I just love the idea of growth springing from the written word, particularly from a handwritten journal.

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